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Bike Show Entry – Other category

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Bike Show Entry – Other category
Bike Show Entry – Other category
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The 2020 Vibe Festival of Wellness will feature a Bike Show. We have partnered with Econo Bike of Redlands to feature bikes from the Inland Empire and beyond. There are several categories from which to choose. Whether you have your own bike to enter, or want to put an artistic flair on a new bike, everyone is invited! 
There are two ways you can enter the Vibe Art Bike Show:
  1. Enter your own bike:
    Individuals pay $10.00 to enter their own bike in one of the categories above. 
  2. Design your own bike from scratch:
    Are you a painter, craftsperson, glue gun nut, home welder, obsessive doodler, 3D printer whisperer, or some other form of wildly creative genius? Register for a category, then start with a new black push-bike from Econo-Bike and put your own design twist on it! 
    1. Design by commission:
      Individuals pay $10.00 to enter a particular category and receive a plain black one-speed push-bike on loan from Econo Bike, plus a budget of up to $65 to pay for materials. You are free to spend more, but the resulting art bike will become the property of Econo Bike. Individuals must pay for the materials upfront (up to $65.00) and submit a receipt to Econo Bike for reimbursement.
    2. Design your own:
      Individuals pay $10.00 to enter a particular category and purchase a plain black one-speed push-bike from Econo Bike for the reduced price of $85. There will be no stipend for materials. The resulting art bike is, of course, all yours! 
Additional rules apply. For more information about the Art Bike competition, contact Eric at Econo Bike at (909) 474-2093 or [email protected].