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Vibe Festival of Wellness Sponsor
Vibe Festival of Wellness Sponsor
Vibe Festival of Wellness Sponsor
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Champion [+$5,000.00]
Crusader [+$3,000.00]
Ally [+$1,500.00]
Coach [+$500.00]
Friend [+$300.00]

The Alliance for Community Transformation and Wellness (ACTW) believes that access to counseling, support services, and wellness education is critical to optimizing mental health and wellness across the lifespan.  By helping to bridge the mental health workforce gap, our programs train counselors to be mental health leaders and advocates in their diverse Inland Empire communities, improve access to services throughout the region, and advance mental health and wellness literacy for vulnerable and high impact populations.

Vibe Festival of Wellness was launched in 2017 as ACTW’s signature annual fundraiser. Vibe is an interactive educational experience for all ages showcasing trends and product innovations across a range of wellness domains. Participants can immerse themselves in a fully customizable day of holistic health and wellness activities alongside the very best Inland Empire food, art, and music.

The ACTW Board and 2022 Vibe Festival of Wellness Planning Committee would like to invite you to partner with us for our annual Vibe Festival of Wellness and this year for the first time, our Mental Health 5K and Family Fun Run, scheduled for Saturday September 10th, 2022.  Festival goers will:

  1. Learn from leading health and wellness experts 
  2. Gain exposure to and knowledge about health and wellness trends, brands, products, and resources
  3. Interact with inspiring Inland Empire artists and musicians
  4. Experience the Inland Empire's best in artisan food and beverage 

More importantly, everyone choosing to be involved shares a commitment to enhancing mental health and wellness in our communities. Please consider supporting ACTW by purchasing one of the following sponsorship packages:

Champion - $5,000

  • All benefits of Crusader
  • Logo on street signage/banner
  • Registration for 12 event 5K and Family Fun Run

Crusader - $3,000

  • All benefits of Ally
  • Logo displayed on signage at event
  • Registration for 10 event 5K and Family Fun Run

Ally - $1500

  • All benefits of Coach
  • Social Media Promo
  • Registration for 6 event 5K and Family Fun Run

Coach - $500

  • All benefits of Friend
  • Logo on Event T-shirt
  • Registration for 4 event 5K and Family Fun Run

Friend - $300

  • Name/Logo on Vibe website
  • Registration for 2 event 5K and Family Fun Run
  • Vendor Table at Vibe Festival
  • Premier Parking

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